Making the Most...

Making the Most of Your Relationships

Do we truly value our relationships?

From acquaintances to friends to family to coworkers and business associates, our lives run on relationships. Even the most introverted person on the planet gets lonely sometimes. People need people. That's not by accident either. We were actually DESIGNED that way.

When you read through the book of Genesis, everything God did in the beginning was good. The first time God ever said anything was NOT good, is in the second chapter when He said it was NOT GOOD for man to be alone. It was then, after He had rested from creating the earth and everything in it, that he set about to determine a suitable companion for the first and only person. He stated that from all the GOOD things He had already created, there was none suitable. So he made woman! He made another (very different) human being with complementary attributes to the first human being. And He gave them the ability to make more human beings.

This was not an afterthought, though. God knew in advance, before He ever even started the creation of the world, that He would do it this way. We may wonder why He didn't just start out with two people in the first place. I think it's because He wants our relationships to BEGIN with HIM first.

Yes, we were made to have a relationship with our Creator first and foremost. But, we were also designed to have relationships with other people. We were never designed to go through this life on our own.

The journey of life is hard. To attempt to navigate through it without a copilot is impossible.

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