Making the Most...

Making the Most of Your Time on Earth

The Clock is Ticking...

Have you ever tried to “save” time? You can’t. 
Time ticks by at the rate of one second per second. Always. 
And once that second has elapsed, it’s gone.

F - o - r - e - v - e - r  .

If you find a shortcut for a given task that reduces the amount of time it takes to complete that task, you may say that you've “saved” time, but unless you immediately use the time following the completion of the task to accomplish another God-given purpose, the seconds just simply continue to tick by. You can’t save them for later. You can only choose what to “spend” each second doing. You can allocate your time to certain tasks, manage the amount of time you spend on certain tasks, but the total amount of time you have is the same regardless of how much of it you spend doing one thing or another. Your time here on earth is finite.

I know this sounds extremely philosophical, but it’s really quite practical. You must use your time to accomplish the important things or else the important things will not get done, because time will run out.

Don’t let the urgent take the place
of the important in your life.

I think one of the most difficult things in life when it comes to maximizing the use of our time is making the deliberate choice to do the important things instead of the urgent things, or the quick and easy things.

D. Kirk Buchanan

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